Saint Bernard dog breed information

admin August 2, 2011
Saint Bernard dog breed information

Saint Bernard

Breed Information
  • Breed Name Saint Bernard
  • Size Large
  • Intelligents Low
  • Grooming Low
  • Shedding High
  • Energy level Medium


Saint Bernard e Menthon created this breed in 980 AD. They are the descendants of the Tibetan Mastiffs. They may also have evolved from the mastiff which were brought to the Alps by the Romans. This mastiff was mixed with the Great Pyrenees and the Great Dane to form the Saint Bernard. In the 17th century the breed played the role of a rescue dog and carried out this for a long time. This breed has a special capacity to smell unwanted situations like natural calamities. They can hear very low sounds that can’t be heard by human ears. So they can just make everybody alert about any approaching storms or anything like that.

General Description

The Saint Bernard is a large dog. This dog has a very powerful and strong physique and they always have a commanding outlook. They have a large muscular body. Their head is large in shape and round at the top and they have a medium sized short and square muzzle with a clack nose at the tip. the Saint Bernard have wrinkles on the forehead and they also have some wrinkles on their face. They have a large and strong jaws. They have a big and broad neck and chest. Their chest touches their shoulders. The Saint Bernard have straight and muscular limbs and legs and their tail is really large and thick. Their ears are not very large and they hang by heir head. The Saint Bernard are of two types. One is short haired and another is long haired. They are mainly found in red and white colour.


The Saint Bernard is a very cool tempered, well behaved and friendly by nature. They are very gentle and intelligent and they are also very much loyal and devoted to their masters. They are so calm and large in size that they are called the slow giants. They are very good to children and excellent guard dogs. They do not love to mix with strangers but they are also not aggressive at the same time. generally they are not harsh to other animals but they may be sometimes aggressive to same sex. Due to their cool behaviour and intelligence it is easy to train them.


This breed is a really nice breed. They are gentle, well behaved, good tempered, intelligent in nature. They are very much attached with their families and they are really great family pets. They love human interaction to a great extent and you should never leave them alone for a long span of time other they can become aggressive and destructive. They should be given early socialization and training classes and if it’s late once everything will be out of control. The Saint Bernard is great to children but they are not that good to outsiders. They always suspect the strangers and that’s why they prove to be great guard dogs. The Saint Bernards are not bad towards other animals but if not socialized properly they can be aggressive towards other dogs. Overall this is a god dog and can be kept by everyone.


The training should start from young age when their size is small as once they grow big they can’t be handled. The Saint Bernard always have a tendency to please their masters with their activities and they should be trained with consistency.


Basically the Saint Bernard is a healthy breed compared to other breeds but some of them may suffer from heart problems, extropion, hip dysplasia etc. They may also suffer from skin issues, stomach issues and they should be fed within a limit as they have chances of getting affected from bloat. Their average life span is 8-10 years.