Old English Sheepdog dog breed information

admin August 2, 2011
Old English Sheepdog dog breed information

Old English Sheepdog

Breed Information
  • Breed Name Old English Sheepdog
  • Size Large
  • Intelligents Low
  • Grooming High
  • Shedding Medium
  • Energy level Medium


Generally the origin of the Old English Sheepdog is unknown but people say that they were created by the mixing English and Russian dogs. The dogs which you see now were bred in England and they were mainly used for looking after livestock. This breed has a thick coat and many farmers use their coat to make blankets and warm clothes. In 1873 this dog was first introduced in UK.

General Description

The Old English Sheepdog is a strange looking breed. The most uncommon part is the coat. I am coming to that afterwards. It has a round shaped head which looks like a cotton ball. Their eyes are round shaped and set apart and they have a square shaped muzzle and the fur is such arranged in their face that it looks like a beard. The Old English Sheepdog has a round nose and a small neck. It has straight limbs and odd looking legs with big paws. They have a wide chest touching their shoulders. As I told before that they have a strange bi coat totally covered with fluffy fur mainly in the areas of the neck, leg and the tail. They are mainly found in blue, grey blue merle colour.


Old English Sheepdogs are loving, smart and alert in nature. They are also attentive at the same time. Proper socialization classes should be taken from an early age and they are very protective of their owners and territory. They have bad habit of nipping at the ankle of any moving person due to their herding instinct. Very intelligent breed and can become very good home dogs. They are serious and of watchful temperament. Some of them can be very shy and sensitive. If proper training is not provided these dogs can be come aggressive and uncooperative. They are generally good to children but they may be dominant and aggressive towards other dogs.


This breed is full of energy and they always should be indulged in activities. If not so then they may become destructive. They are good to children but aggressive to other dogs. It is a versatile breed, quick learning and very loving to people. The Old English Sheepdog is highly trainable as they are very intelligent. They are very good companions, very much devoted but sometimes they are stubborn. Obedience classes are required from an early age.


The Old English Sheepdog requires firm trainer. It is easy to train the Old English Sheepdog as they are very much obedient and intelligent. But they need to be socialized from early age and should not be left alone otherwise they may become destructive.


It is generally a healthy breed but it may be affected by skin allergies, eye problem, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia etc. They should not be overfed as they have a chance of becoming lazy and bulky. Their average life span is 13-14 years and their average litter rate is 6-10.

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