Maltese dog breed information

admin August 2, 2011
Maltese dog breed information


Breed Information
  • Breed Name Maltese
  • Size small
  • Intelligents Medium
  • Grooming Medium
  • Shedding Low
  • Energy level High


This is known as the most old breed of Europe. They were mainly kept by the rich people. Many say that this dogs were in existence about 2000 years ago also. The Darwins say that they evolved in 6000 BC. It is said that this breed is nothing but a type of spitz.

General Description

The Maltese is a very small dog and looks like a toy. They are very cute in appearance and nature. Their height and length is more or less same. Their shoulders are sloping down and they have small elbows. They have wide chest which almost touch the elbows. The Maltese has a long neck and a level back side. They have straignt boned limbs and legs and they have padded feet. The Maltese has a small round shaped head and a small muzzle with a big black nose at the tip. Their eyes are large and black. The Maltese has small ears which are almost covered by their fur. They sem like a carpet has been given on their body. They have a very silky and furry coat and they are mainly found in white colours.


The Maltese is a very lively dog and they love to be a part of the family. They are very cheerful in nature and very playful. This breed prove to be a very charming and entertaining companion. They get thrilled on continuous interaction of human beings. They are very fond of human attention and don’t love to be left alone. They are extraordinary to children and a very easily managed breed. They also mix very easily with strangers and they have a loving attitude towards all. The Maltese do not require much workout. They are one of the best suited family dogs. They love to stay and play indoors and they should be taken for a walk everyday.


Malteses have a very gentle and loving nature. They love to be the part of the family and they are very socialized. The Maltese are excellent to children and other animals. This is a very energetic and charming breed. They are great watchdogs because of their barking habit. They bark to make their family members alert. This breed has a very sweet temperament and always keen to please its owner. These are entertaining dogs and at the same time they are also very sensitive. Very playful with a lot of personality. They love to drag attention of people and play tricks. They can easily adjust in any environments and love to stay indoors. Totally recommended for in experienced dog owner and families with children.


In spite of being intelligent they are difficult to train. They get matured slowly so early training classes are required. But it has been seen that male Maltese get trained more easily than female Maltese. Training methods should be consistent and patient as well.


This breed can be affected by cataracts, eye problems, epilepsy, skinproblems, ear problems etc. They can live for more than 15 years and average litter rate is4-5.


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