How To Train Puppy To Use Pee Pads

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How To Train Puppy To Use Pee Pads
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How To Train Puppy To Use Pee Pads Pet dog training

First Week

Try to keep a puppy in a cage for the 1st week. Place partition and pee pads for dogs on each side of the room you made.

cage for puppy

Why can’t I take my puppy out of the cage for a week?

One of the reason is not to fail training your dog how to pee. But the most of all, it will reduce stress for the puppy by providing one environment. Dogs used to live in a hole so it can sleep well in a small place.
Try to leave the puppy alone. 2 months old puppy has to sleep for 17 hours in a day. Puppies can’t sleep well if owners are watching them all the time and you can make it tired without knowing. They can even faint from low blood sugar in cold winter time.

Puppies will poop and pee on both sides of the pee pads in the beginning. After a week, they can choose one side by 7:3 ratio. Choose the side with higher ratio as they toilet and place water bowl on the other side.

- Learn from others failure -

Don’t place water on the peeing side.puppy cage format infographic
Some people place water bowl on toilet side to avoid being wet around bed. Dog’s hate to make their eating area dirty.

Puppies poops 5-6 times and pees 3 times or more in a Day.
When you realize your puppy pooing or peeing, try to change pee pads constantly. Puppies won’t learn if toilet area is not clean.

- Learn from others failure -

Some says dogs poops where they can smell their own pee smell. If its their mother’s smell, they might. But puppies are not old enough to marking their terriories.

2nd Week

Praise your puppy only when they poop or pee on the toilet side. And let them out from the cage. They learn faster as they have more chance to be praised this way. After three days, they will poop or pee whenever you have eye contact. But keep following in mind!

Important tips

- Let them out ONLY when you see them poop or pee. If you find poop or pee which you’re not sure hen it was done, simply clean it without praising. – Whenever you see the moment they poop or pee, praise them first! Cleaning is the last thing. Just praise your puppy more than ever.
Praise –> let them out –> clean up

- Learn from others fail -

Many owners fail by just patting them without praising. But this is a huge mistake! Puppies don’t like patting, so there is no way they understand what is going on. Or, let them out after cleaning or giving them treats. If you mess up with the order, puppies won’t understand why they are being praised.
When letting them out, don’t pick them up from top of the cage.
Always use the door to teach them how to get out and get back in using the door.

Put them back in the cage after 10 minutes from the door. If your puppy is 3 months old – 15 minutes If your puppy is 4 months old – 20 minutes Or, you can put them back straight after you clean the cage.

- Learn from others fail -

Most of owners let them out more than 1 hour. Keeping this time is the fastest way of teaching them how to poop and pee. Be patient! You can play with them as long as you want once you teach them how!

3rd Week

A. You don’t need to pay too much attention from the 3rd week, for instance, only on weekends. Whenever you see them pooping or peeing, you let them out from the cage, but only around where you can touch them like the picture. Try to play with your puppy until the next pee or poop. Let the door open while you play with them.

let the dog out

let the dog out

B. If the puppy goes back to the peeing pad by themselves while playing outside of the cage, praise them right after they finish pooping or peeing. This will happen 20%. If they start to poop or pee elsewhere, say “No!” and put them back to the cage from the door and close it. When they continue pooping or peeing on the pee pad in their cage, praise them and let them out. If not, don’t do anything. Do this process couple of time in a day.
- Puppies usually get surprised when you carry them while they are pooping or peeing and forget to finish their business where you put them back. However, they will continue because they have already learnt you will let them out whenever they success poop or pee in right place from the 2nd week training.
- Having limited space will make your work easier to carry them back. It is also good for puppies if their toilet is in front of them.

Learn from others mistake

Many owners make playing space too quickly and play with them longer. Give puppies some time to learn first.

When puppies can return to their cage by themselves in limited area

A. Make playing area bigger little by little

puppy playground

puppy playground

B. When they can return to their toilet from other rooms, move the toilet to where you want it to be little by little. They will be able to hold poop and pee for one night approximately in 1 month time.

C. If you choose a toilet command such as “Go toilet”, it will be useful in the future when you want them to finish before going into a cafe or a shop.

D. Try to take time for them to learn step by step. You can see if they have understood what you want by giving one week for each step.

E. Most of training is to carry them back when they are about to poop or pee. It is impossible to watch them poop or pee every single time where there are about 20 times in a day. Don’t be upset even they make mistakes. Dogs are same as kids, they will learn in the beginning but they will challenge you to see what happens if they don’t follow. It is all depending on you how calm you can handle it.

F. It is very easy to teach them poop and pee outside. But remember, they won’t be able to do it inside the house. If your dog can’t poop or pee in a rain, tornado or when they are sick, they can get inflammation of the bladder.

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