Dachshund dog breed information

admin August 2, 2011
Dachshund dog breed information


Breed Information
  • Breed Name Dachshund
  • Size small
  • Intelligents Medium
  • Grooming Medium
  • Shedding Medium
  • Energy level Medium
  • Type Hound


A few hundred years ago this breed was created in Germany. They were used to hunt Badger. They were bred for this reason only. In German language the Bader is called Dachs. This breed is named after this reason. Other than Badgers these dogs were also used for hunting foxes and otters.

General Description

This breed belongs to the hound family and it has a long muscular body. It looks stout and strong. It is a very short breed in height but its length is too long than its height. They have very short and thin limbs. Their body almost touches the ground. They have a flat convex shaped head. They Dachshund has long muzzle which is sharp and has a black nose on the tip. It has black round eyes set apart and have strong jaws. They have a long thin long tail which almost touches the ground. The ears are large pendant shaped and hang flat by their head and reaches their cheeks. The Dachshunds are mainly of three types and sizes. Some have long coat, some have short and some have coat like wires. They can be found in many colours like black, brown, grey etc.


The Dachshund behaves like a clown always and they are also extremely mischievous. This is a very cool breed. Nowadays mainly it is no more used as a hunting dog. It has proved to be a great companion. The Dachshund loves human companionship very much and love to be a part of the family. They would become frustrated if left alone for a long time. This dog has a very friendly nature and loves everybody they meet. They are very loyal to their families and they are also energetic at the same time. The Dachshund is very brave and mischievous by nature. They are very good to children and other pets. Sometimes they are difficult to train as they are independent in nature and they are also very protective of their families. But I must say that they are the best companion to travel with.


The Dachshund is very sweet and lively by nature but sometimes they can become irritated. Though they are not as good to kids as they are to old children. Due to their small size they are not suitable for large breeds. Sometimes they are not at all good to other dogs but if they are trained properly they may get rid of this. Though the Dachshund is very eager to learn but training might be difficult at certain times as they are a bit independent in nature. They are also protective of their families. The Dachshund is a great barker and that is the reason they can be used as watch dogs. Some may be very good to strangers and others may not mix with strangers well. This is a good breed but they are very much protective also of their food.


Early socialization classes are required. It might be a bit difficult to train them as they are a bit stubborn. That’s why they might not be suitable for novice owners. Consistent, firm and fair training is required.


The Dachshund may be affected by spinal problem due to which they may also become paralysed. They may also be affected by heart problems, unary problems. They may become bulky very easily and so they should be fed limited. As they are short in height if they become fat they might have a great problem carrying themselves. Their lifespan varies from 12-15.