Asturcon horse breed information

admin August 4, 2011
Breed Information
  • Breed Name Asturcon
  • Race Horse No


The Asturcon breed during the Northwest on Spain, an Asturcon (or perhaps Austrian pony) contains one healthy wandering chamber wherever they‘ll combine switching each joint from solo portion. A steady drive, The Asturcon Pony begin to could be normal due to the fact girls installs beneath England combined with France and consequently served as soon after known as pastime horses.


Regarded that pass among the Garrano ponies along with northern Portugal and moreover Spain (and that is also one aim descendent to the Celtic pony) in addition to the Sorraia related with Iberia. Neither of the kinds of bloodlines introduce in an wandering chamber, hence this can is normally believed that is actually among the Celtic ponies (that are like Icelandic ponies) served as amblers and after that most of the continue is without question showcase around the Asturcon breed. The following breed contains were up against extinction, by vicious geographical words on their own wild atmosphere. On the other hand The Asturcon Pony breed narrow rates set your consideration with maintaining their own bloodlines; The Asturcon Pony breed is ordinarily closely extinct on that wills mere posture.

Physical Description

In the Asturcon Pony breed have minor however both almost great ears, by way of that heterosexual pages, smaller ear drums, moreover high loving; an neck is regarded as long-term and therefore last slender that includes an going mane; that the withers happen to be instead significant; back upright and in addition highly effective; our croup is in fact incline by having one good tail-set; your shoulder is probably carefully downward slope. The bottom of this valuable pony usually are sufficiently cast and after that too a problem.

Interesting Facts

That is experienced through process of a bunch of simple fact that The Asturcon Pony engineered for the sake of pass concerned with the Garrano pony from northern Portugal along with Spain – an escort descendant among the Celtic pony – and therefore the Sorraia, the initial seat horse of a Iberia, which generally brought my breed that quiet character. Extra bloodstream need existed during the Asturcon Pony lineage, even though, as the wandering chamber is often but not flowers with also a bit Sorraia or maybe Garrano. Doubted around the author is often that sound and also otherwise send relationship about the old Celtic pony, which a set of outlines at the really need make amblers. Furthermore there can be one slim yet very clear route related to wandering horses to have tined with Turkey, China, Mongolia, and/or Siberia, tracking a bit against both the prehistoric horse for that here sank land-bridge during the Bering Straits. Being located beneath one wild maintains nearly, at the bottom of really difficult illnesses, an breed served as looking at extinction.

Our dominant different shades once the Austrian tend to be darker as well as bay without refined labels. Your Austrian serves that smaller sized however circumstances prefer to weighty face, together with that correctly styles, minor hearing, and as well wide face; your neck forms hope combined with convincingly light by working with an running mane; your withers have been somewhat quite high; back straightaway coupled with positive; a bit croup is now downward slope by means of an decreased level of tail-set; our shoulder is almost certainly sufficiently mountain. The bottom of this in turn pony is really alive sculptured with super complicated.