Aegean cat breed information

admin August 4, 2011
Aegean cat breed information

Aegean cat

Breed Information
  • Breed Name Aegean cat
  • Size Medium
  • Intelligents Medium
  • Grooming Low
  • Shedding Low
  • Energy level High


Agean cat is a Greece cat breed originated in the Cycladic islands back in 1990.

They are a very new breed thus they are not easily found, but they are very popular in Greece.

They are one of the few cat breeds in the world that develop overtime with no help of human.

General Appearance

The Aegeans are medium in size. They have an athletic body and they are really muscular and good looking.

aegean size
They have a long tail and their body is also long. They have strong legs, small and padded paws. Aegeans have a long tail which is broad at the base and gets thin at the tip. They have a big head and their eyes are rounded. The Aegeans have golden brown eyes.

aegean eyes
Their nose is medium sized and they have a small chin. Aegeans are very cute looking. Aegean cat has a broad head and a big face.
They are mostly found in white with shades of green. Their coat is medium in size. The Aegeans are also found in red, black and blue colours.

aegean colour


Aegean are no afraid of water. They love to finish and they actually have been know quite frequently to be friend of fisherman of the island.


The Aegeans are very good natured and intelligent at the same time. They prove to be great companions. The Aegean cat is good to children and also adjustable to other pets. They do not like strangers but they are never aggressive.
They love to stay with the family and you should never leave the Aegean alone for a long time. In such circumstance they may become frustrated and that may lead to destruction. Aegeans are very much obedient and listen to their master’s commands.
They are very much suitable for the household and are able to mix well with the family members.


The Aegeans are very intelligent and are also used by the rural pest controllers. They love human beings and love to stay with their family. Aegean cat prove to be great companion and should not be left alone. They are obedient and love their masters very much. Aegeans love to draw the attention of human beings towards themselves and are very friendly towards all.


Aegeans are generally very healthy breed and free of disease.


Semi long hair in winter and shred out short in summer.