Abyssinian horse breed information

admin August 4, 2011
Abyssinian  horse breed information

Abyssinian horse

Breed Information
  • Breed Name Abyssinian horse
  • Race Horse No


There are many breeds of horses that are rare and the information related to those breeds of horses is rarer. One of them is The Abyssinian horse, although we have tried our best to gather the information about The Abyssinian horse and put before you. Another name of The Abyssinian horse is Gala. The Abyssinian horse belongs to the pony kind of horses that are short in height but their strength and physical abilities make them usable and lovable by the human beings.

Physical Description

While describing the physical strengths and qualities of the Abyssinian horses we have already stated that the Abyssinian horses belongs to the pony kind of horses that is why their average height ranges from 13 – 13.5 hands. The Abyssinian horses are found in almost all colors. The appearance of the Abyssinian horses is quite weak but at this point anybody can be surprised when they came to know the physical strength and working capability. The Abyssinian horses can work for longer hours with minimum food. The history of the Abyssinian horses tells us that these horses are mostly used in the hilly and mountain areas. In the extreme conditions of mountains the Abyssinian horses have redressed themselves according to the conditions. The mindset of the Abyssinian horses is very calm and strong for working. Their willingness to work for longer hours make them unique.


The history of the Abyssinian horses starts from the African country Ethiopia. From hundreds of decades the Abyssinian horses were wandered all along in the mountains and other parts of Ethiopia. In the past the Abyssinian horses are used in the army for war purposes because they were considered as very tough horses. A myth is also associated with the Abyssinian horse breed is that the King Cyrtacus of Ethiopia once invaded the Egypt with the Abyssinian horses in his army. In the 1700 B.C. the Abyssinian horses were transported to United Kingdom and after that gradually the Abyssinian horse becomes one of the favorite horse breed in entire United Kingdom. It is also believed that the Abyssinian horses also found in the Sudan. In today’s context you will find the Abyssinian horses in United Kingdom, the costal parts of Red Sea and in some parts of USA.

Interesting Facts

The interesting facts about the Abyssinian horses is that you will find a physical confirmation about the breed is that there is a coating of the Abyssinian horses which is harsh with many ridges on it, but on the other hand it is the unique sign about the Abyssinian horse breed. In the past the Abyssinian horses were used in the army for war purposes but how days the Abyssinian horses are used in almost all kinds of work such as show jumping, pleasure riding and the work related to farming.

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